Meet the Tickitto Team: Adam Longhurst, Distribution Partnerships Lead


by: Adam Rockley

Time to read: 3 mins

Please welcome Adam Longhurst who is our Distribution Partnerships Lead and a key member of Team Tickitto. If you’ve come across Tickitto before, you may have already spoken with Adam through email or LinkedIn. 

Adam’s job is to develop working relationships with the world's biggest consumer brands, where that partnership allows us to Open the World to more and more people. 

Find out more about Adam below.

What did you do before joining Tickitto?

Well, I looked after all things partnerships at GivePanel, building their first partnership network and ensuring their non-profit customers grew their supporters and income through social fundraising. A fantastic company and an incredible team doing extraordinary things.

Before then (and the pandemic - seems so long ago!) I was at Bookatable for nearly a decade joining fresh-faced from university as a content intern, leaving after two separate acquisitions by Michelin and TripAdvisor as Head of Partnerships.

Bookatable proved to be the perfect first company for me now that I am at Tickitto, as the partners of both companies were looking for the same thing, creating fantastic experiences for their customers!

What are your key responsibilities at Tickitto?

I'm responsible for all parts of the cycle to onboard new distribution partners and work with the rest of Team Tickitto to develop really fruitful partnerships. From finding the right potential partner to engaging with them, discussing integration options and commercials, to ensuring that they sell tickets and helping their customers make fantastic memories as quickly as possible.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Probably the breadth of the scope. Tickitto can partner with pretty much any company in the world. If that is not exciting, I don't know what it is!

The partnership space is also booming at the moment. There is a fundamental shift in the professional workplace understanding of the world of partners and the benefits that good partnerships can bring, which is only a positive for anyone who has partnerships in their title.

Who do you admire in the tech industry and why?

Anyone who has built a piece of tech gets my admiration, but I’m going to shout out to someone I spoke with in my Bookatable days, Andrew Gazdecki. He is the Founder of MicroAcquire, a marketplace for buying and selling start-ups. Not only is it great seeing MicroAcquire's growth journey (I'm still yet to use it, maybe one day…), but Andrew is one of the few people whose updates I’ll follow with great interest.

Where are we most likely to find you outside of work?

Now, this one is easy. You’ll find me running Scout events or working in the background to ensure that my Scout Group runs as it should. 

I’m a terrible advert for volunteering as I’ve got three volunteer roles in my Group alone and multiple other functions outside the Group. I love it, though. It’s taken me around the world, and being able to (hopefully) inspire our next generation is super rewarding.

ce0037ad-95ce-4255-971e-17817bb527efAdam looking swanky at the World Scout Jamboree 2019 in West Virginia.

Outside of Scouts, I’ve got into building No Code products recently, mainly as a way to get some time back elsewhere in my life but also to learn something new.


Finally, what’s something we’d never guess about you?

I was born with a club foot and my parents were told something like, “he’ll never be an Olympic athlete.” Despite this, I’ve managed to run six marathons in my teens and twenties. So the doctors were right, I was never an Olympic athlete, but I’ve competed in races with Olympians… and I am absolutely ignoring the fact that they finished a couple of hours ahead of me!

Final word: Adam is the Bear Grylls of Tickitto.

Stay tuned for more new faces at Tickitto as we welcome more talented team members!

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