Tickitto Confirms Partnership with Euroventure


by: Chris Archer-Brown

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London, UK 9th February 2023: Tickitto AI Limited has announced its partnership with Euroventure Travel Ltd to give their customers access to the best activities across all their destinations.  

The Tickitto platform is the world’s leading B2B marketplace for events, experiences and live music and sports events with almost 4,000 venues covered and over $40Bn of available inventory.  The partnership with Euroventure means that customers can access the very best their destination has to offer as they travel around Europe by train. 

Dana Lattouf, Tickitto’s CEO said: “We’re delighted to be part of this partnership and I’m confident that we’ll contribute to making the Euroventures curated trips and tours even more memorable for their participants.”

Phil Cabra Netherton, Eurventure’s MD commented: “We’ve been looking for ways to make it easy for our customers to find the most exciting experiences to complement their trips and were delighted to build this partnership with Tickitto.”

Tickitto was designed to solve a problem for consumer platforms who wish to offer value-add services to their customers but find ticketed events too complex due to the fragmented nature of the supply chain. Tickitto’s API is recognised as the most intuitive solution to accessing the world’s supply of ticketed events. Within days of starting the implementation our clients have been ready to offer a full ticketing solution to their customers. For partners who do not wish to integrate the API into their own digital platform, Tickitto offers a white label or hybrid solution. The introduction of Tikety.com in the Summer of 2022 means that Tickitto also offers a trusted direct-to-customer solution, which Careem have incorporated into their Super App.

About Tickitto

Tickitto offers the most comprehensive range of worldwide events, curated to meet the needs of our clients and presented in an intuitive way that eases the process of discovery, selection and purchasing. Tickitto offers access to these events via the world’s most intuitive API for ticketed events  www.tickitto.com

About Euroventure

Euroventure Travel is a UK-based rail tour operator with over 10 years of experience in helping travelers explore Europe. Boasting award winning customer service and with a key focus on sustainability, Euroventure offers a range of pre-made set trips, group tours for young, solo travelers and the ability to create your own custom route.

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