Tickitto Secures Place with Abu Dhabi’s Largest Startup Community


by: Paige Parrington

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We’re excited to announce that Tickitto has secured a place with Abu Dhabi’s largest startup community, Hub71, as part of the first cohort of startups in 2022.

“Our first cohort of the year reflects our ambition of matching our pace with that of global tech startups that have the highest growth potential.”

said Badr Al-Olama, Acting CEO of Hub71. 

Hub71, a leading incubator located in Abu Dhabi for global tech startups, is backed by a robust network of strategic partners such as Mubadala, ADIO, ADGM, SoftBank and Microsoft. Their aim is to give founders access to programmes and services to support their community of startups. 

Badr continues;

What makes Hub71 so different is our founder-centric approach that puts emphasis on building leaders and teams to sustain exponential growth for startups. We believe in nurturing talent, and the entrepreneurs from this cohort seem eager and ready to unleash their potential.”

What this means for Tickitto and our partners

Being part of the Hub71 family is the catalyst for Tickitto to tap into the talent and the market in Abu Dhabi, giving us the ability to serve our supply and distribution partners in the best possible way.

“We’re delighted that Tickitto is a part of Hub71’s first cohort of 2022.”

said Dana Lattouf, Tickitto’s CEO. 

“They have a strong support structure and world-class educators. With plans to be a global entertainment centre, the middle east is such an important region for Tickitto and Hub71 is the perfect springboard for us as we ramp up recruitment and product development.”

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In 2021, Tickitto secured $4.5m in a seed round backed by Berlin-based Vorwerk Ventures. If you’re interested in supporting Tickitto as part of your portfolio, get in touch with us today. 


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