Welcome to the team - Adam Rockley


by: Adam Rockley and Dana Lattouf

Time to read: 2 mins

The past

Hey, I’m Adam, the enthusiastic and curious one, and as a Business Development Associate this helps me to be in a few places at once to help those with the vision to drive their plans forward. This could be: marketing, lead generation, customer journeys, market research, putting together proposals or even putting my insights into the bigger strategy. We truly do embrace ‘greater than the sum of our parts’.

Two of Tickitto’s key values, 1% better each day and courage are at the heart of my internal drivers as someone who values balance and making bold moves, whilst wanting to be a better version of myself on a daily basis. It’s often the small things that matter, tiny relevant iterations can lead to a much wider output. 

I can attribute this back to my time spent in the UK armed forces as a rifleman, our regimental motto ‘Celer et Audax’ (Swift and Bold) - Be bold and move fast, it’s important to focus on what works and moving past the things that don’t, but realising that we must think outside of the box and trial it to draw a conclusion. 

Why Tickitto?

If you could sum the culture up in one word?

  • Empowering

Working at Tickitto won’t be easy, it’ll be challenging, especially at a time where people feel the industry is on its knees, but we’re a disruptor and we’re a change-maker and ‘easy’ isn’t associated with either of those words. But with the team that Tickitto has and the plans for the future, the only way is up. I for one am incredibly excited to see where we go, and I know we have an incredible team to get us there.

Good day / Bad day

  • Hugh Jackman in The Great Showman
  • Gru from Despicable Me

Teleportation or flying?

  • Without a doubt, flying!

A word from the boss

Self-disciplined, energetic, and collaborative. These three words came to my mind when I first met Adam

Adam brings out the level of self-discipline you would expect from someone who served in the UK armed forces and at the same time is full of cheerful energy. It’s an interesting combination if you ask me. One that certainly makes the time we put in to deliver proposals and projects genuinely enjoyable.

Adam, you are the true definition of a team player, always keeping to your responsibilities and ready to help the team where necessary.  On behalf of everyone at Tickitto, it’s a great pleasure to have you, and I look forward to seeing all the amazing things you’ll do.

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